💥ACL rehab exercise“Star Excursion Balance Test(SEBT)”-📌One of the better ways to assess dynamic asymmetry for lower extremity injuries is the Star Excursion Balance Test(SEBT). This test is a combination of balance, proprioception and strength on the ankle or the knee, depending how you position the body, commonly used as a screening tool in the return-to-sports phase. In this video I divide the “star” sign into a half with the new @blazepodas indicative lighting so to make it a fun exercise for my client about 7 months post-ACL reconstruction surgery-📌 Dynamic instability of the injured knee is crucial for my client as her goal is mountaineering at least 3-5 days up above 3000m altitude. Stepping on uneven rocky surfaces and ascending into unpredictable terrain is no easy task that takes a lot of knee strength. The ability of the injured knee to counteract and endurance to walk long distances is one of the rehab goals I set for her-📌 I had her injured left leg standing on an elevated wedge for knee-biased purpose, while reaching with her right non-injured leg to create multi-directional imbalance, at 30 seconds to 1 minute for each set-👀 As a clinician, always look for compensation pattern in the spine, hips and ankle-📌 There are more variations to this exercise as I set only three directions. The SEBT test can be set up to 8 different directions ! Another test similar to SEBT would be the Y-balance test where a letter “Y” is set up with the patient reaching 3 direction-📌 Not only is this a great exercise for ACL post-op rehab but patellar tedinopathy as well to challenge single-leg balance. Exercises that target co-activation of the quadriceps and hamstrings can help improve dynamic knee stability, which is mostly affected due to significant atrophy of the thigh muscles, that give patients the sensation of buckling.-💯 Try this exercise to regain knee strength and single-leg balance. Are you affected by your ACL surgery and not sure what rehab can help you? Give me a messsge-⁉️ Have questions? Are you in the Taipei area? Book an appointment with me now. Send me a message or email 📧 👍🏻👉🏻-

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