💥Big toe pain (附中文)“Fix your feet alignment”-📌 Hallux valgus - a condition clinically referred to the big toe deviating to the lateral(outside) of the body.-📐 If you are to measure it, start from the sagittal axis to the midline of the big toe. Acceptable ranges are within 20 degrees of deviation relative to the sagittal axis.-🚨 The condition of hallux valgus itself might not be the sole contribution of pain on your pain toe. But rather the intra-capsular fluid got pushed out of joint, with repetitive irritation from inner toe box can cause pain during flexion and extension of the MTP joint.-🚶 So, you have pain when you walk.-📈 What about foot orthotics? As research has shown that patients reported a decrease in pain level without affecting work hours in the office, and the mean amount of sick time leave for surgery is 53 days. So is there any exercises to help with the pain and correct foot deformity? YES!-📹 3 videos shown here. Start with the easiest and progress.-⏱ Foot exercise require an immense control of individual muscles and neuromuscular connection. Don’t flare UP your toe but rather try to pinch DOWN. Focus on your big toe movement. It will take some time to learn isolated abduction of the big toe.-👟 Change into shoes with a wider toe box or even put padding on the inside of the MTP joint to mitigate any chances of irritating the site of pain.———————————————————————————💥 拇趾外翻“練腳趾”-📌 拇趾外翻 - 臨床上指的是大腳趾往身體外側偏移-📐 如果要測量大腳趾偏移的角度,我們從矢狀面開始量到大腳趾的中線。臨床上正常的範圍要在20度以內-🚨 拇趾外翻導致關節變形可能不是造成腳趾疼痛的唯一原因。關節囊內的液體因為關節變形而被擠出關節外,會導致關節外發炎腫脹造成疼痛,另一個原因是鞋子內襯反覆的刺激腫脹的關節,導致關節在屈曲和伸展時疼痛-🚶所以,走路的時候通常會感到疼痛-📈 足部輔具有用嗎?研究指出,輔具是可緩解足部的疼痛。而因手術導致不能工作的平均時間約為53天-⏱ 足部運動需要大量的神經肌肉控制。大腦因為從來沒有學習過這個動作所以剛開始做的時候腳趾都會有點不受控制,試著將腳趾往下抓地板而不要讓腳趾往上翹。注意你大腳趾的動作,學習足部關節的分離動作會需要一點時間-👟 換成寬的楦頭鞋子,或在大腳趾關節內側放襯墊,可減少刺激疼痛部位,這樣走路也不會一直磨到[video width="720" height="720" mp4="https://esenmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/81139094_263938961250292_3192025941877364614_n.mp4"][/video][video width="720" height="720" mp4="https://esenmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/80750406_500072770857615_9041164967886616043_n.mp4"][/video][video width="720" height="720" mp4="https://esenmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/80362861_603999703708636_2431703148626524967_n.mp4"][/video]. #jamesthephysiosigning out