💥Plantar fascitis(附中文)“Morning routine”-📌 One of the most common symptoms in plantar fasciopathy is pain on the first step in the morning. It can be a real wake up call. Pain might subside if given some time to rest. Or, moving the feet can help ease off the pain.-Main principle of treating plantar fascitis is strengthening, not only the fascia but the deep intrinsic feet muscles as well. But a lot of patients are more concerned with what can done be in the morning to tackle that heel pain, so here goes my routine:1️⃣ Passive fascial stretch2️⃣ Active toe movementTo my knowledge using a lacrosse ball to roll out your fascia DOES NOT relieve your foot pain. But actively moving your feet to stretch the fascia for promote blood circulation into the tissues will help in the long term-And don’t worry there are no bone spurs at the bottom of your feet and if you do have bone spurs, it is not the cause of plantar fascitis(I will feature that in another post)-❓Will icing and rest help? No it does not. I always tell me patients. If certain movement makes your feel good and provide instant relief while not causing any pain, do it. Fixing the problem in the longevity? Exercises will do that-There is no specific number of sets of repetitions for these exercises. As long as you feel the tension at the bottom of your feet loosening, progress to the next one. Start off with this morning routine and strengthening exercises. Let me know if these are helpful-Tag your friend with foot 🦶🏼 pain——————————————💥足底筋膜炎“早晨舒緩運動”-📌足底筋膜炎最常見的症狀之一是早上起床往下踩的第一步的腳底疼痛。比較嚴重的狀況疼痛可能會傳到足弓前側或腳趾,還在睡夢中的你真的會被馬上痛醒。稍作休息,足底的疼痛會慢慢減輕或消退,或做一些簡單的足部運動也能幫助緩解疼痛-治療足底筋膜炎的主要原則是足底筋膜與深層內在的足部肌肉強化訓練。但是很多人更想知道的是早上起床可以做些什麼運動來解決足部疼痛,可以參考一下我的建議:1️⃣ 被動筋膜伸展[video width="720" height="720" mp4="https://esenmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/81293091_1036715516661703_8275014757936984537_n.mp4"][/video]2️⃣ 主動腳趾運動[video width="720" height="720" mp4="https://esenmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/81273187_678571732674312_4593994828077630110_n.mp4"][/video]常常有病人問用按摩球去滾足底有沒有幫助。根據研究顯示,使用按摩球滾足底筋膜並不能緩解你的疼痛。你知道嗎,一個120公斤的人,站在按摩球上,只能對足底筋膜的長短造成0.13%的改變。當然我並不反對用球去放鬆足底,足底週邊軟組織怖滿了壓力接受器,利用按摩球的壓力的確能提供短暫的疼痛舒緩。不過,積極的進行足部運動以促進血液循環才得到長遠的改善-那骨刺呢?別擔心,腳底沒那麼快長骨刺,如果你確實長骨刺,它也不是足底筋膜炎的原因(我將在另一篇文章中介紹)-❓冰敷和休息會有幫助嗎?不會。我總是告訴我的病人,如果某些動作讓您感覺比較舒服並在不引起任何疼痛,那就去做吧。可是要解決問題還是運動才能幫助到你-這些運動沒有特定的組數和次數。當你感覺到足底部的張力鬆開以後,便可以做下一個運動。試試看早上做這些運動,對足底的疼痛有沒有幫助吧運動能幫助你嗎?標記你足底筋膜炎的朋友🦶🏼🦶🏼- #jamesthephysiosigning out