💥weightlifting injuries“ more safer than you think”-Today I would like to share one of my recent cases of weightlifting injury. My client came forward suffering from a missed catch, when the bar landed on his right knee that caused a sudden twist. He ended up to have surgery since he could not train anymore due to pain. This was last year-After months of rehab, he is still bothered by an occasional “knee lock” which paralyzes him from explosive movements. This may sound terrifying but actually weightlifting is a lot safer than we think-Only 2.4-3.3 injuries happened in every 1000 hours of training, now if compared to contact sports like 🏈 , where 9.6 injuries can happen in 1000 hours of training, weightlifting is considered safe. Out of the 2.4-3.3 injuries, most of it are either shoulder injuries or low back injuries, knee injuries have only taken 18-26% of all-In the next video I will show more in-depth of what I did with my client and what I gave him for exercises.❤️ Like Save Share Tag————————————————💥 舉重運動“其實沒那麼容易受傷”-今天我來分享一個我最近的案例。在一年前這位病人在做clean的時候沒接穩,不慎讓槓鈴擲在膝蓋上,膝蓋突然的一個扭轉便受傷了。那這位病人因爲受傷有疼痛,無法繼續做爆發力的動作便選擇開力,積極的術後治療讓他能繼續運動-可是一年過去了,膝蓋仍然沒法快速的伸直彎曲,也沒辦法快速蹲下來再站起來,還是不能做clean,於是前來就醫-聽起來好像很可怕,可是根據2017年一篇研究,舉重運動受傷機率其實只有每1000訓練時數只有2.4-3.3個案受傷,只有18-26%是膝蓋受傷。跟 🏈 比較,卻是每1000訓練時數有9.6個案受傷😵[video width="720" height="720" mp4="https://esenmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/107612257_799269583940688_7858052414051467538_n.mp4"][/video]

-下一個發文我會來講我給了這位病人什麼運動,更詳細的講這受傷的機轉.❤️ 按讚 分享 標記我. #jamesthephysiosigning out