Triple Extension exercises“Train for explosiveness”-🎯 Triple extension means simultaneous hip extension, knee extension and ankle plantar flexion, often to produce explosive power off the ground, or commonly seen in jumping, snatching, or deadlifting. When the body comes up from triple extension, the shoulder, spine and hips are stacked on a straight line-📌 In physical therapy, especially ACL rehab, I personally like to introduce triple extension as a way to restore unilateral knee strength and explosiveness-🏋🏻‍♂️ Take this exercise as an example. My right knee is the ACL deficient knee. Grab hold of the bar on shoulder level and slightly lean into in at a 30˚. Sink down into a lateral side squat with the left leg. Let the right knee go pass the toes. Explode off the ground when the hip, knee and the body aligns on the same straight line, At the same time, kick the left knee up as if to break through a glass roof-❌ Avoid over forward trunk bending as it makes the movement hip dominant. Make sure the heel stays on the ground-✅ 3 Sets x 15 Reps-❤️ Tag a friend who needs this exercise after an ACL surgery ——————————————————————————三關節伸展“ 爆發力訓練 “-❤️ 標記身邊十字韌帶受傷的朋友,歡迎分享到限時動態,並標記我-🎯 三關節伸展是指髖關節、膝關節跟踝關節同時做出髖伸直、膝伸直跟踝蹠屈的動作。這動作像是往上跳躍,深蹲硬舉,或抓舉挺舉,任何產生下肢爆發力的動作,都會出現三關節伸展的動作。三關節伸展的動作,另一個特性是身體姿勢會呈一直線,並且在短時間內產生很快的加速度動作-📌 在物理治療方面,特別是十字韌帶重建術後訓練,我常會利用三關節伸展來訓練單側下肢的爆發力-🏋🏻‍♂️ 以這動作為例。我要訓練的患側腳是右腳,右腳站靠近槓鈴,雙手將槓鈴的位置放在右肩外側。身體慢慢往下側蹲,左腳往外延伸,重心在右腳,直到左腳踩到地板。左腳輕輕踩地板後,右腳用最快的速度往上蹬。身體呈一直線,左膝順勢往上往內踢,模仿跨步(Crossover)的動作-‘❌ 往下側蹲時,要避免身體過度前彎,膝蓋是可以超過腳尖的,不過腳跟不要離開地板-✅ 3組 x 15 下[video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]-📩 需要預約治療 / 十字韌帶術後訓練,請先填寫個人首頁的預約表單,或追蹤 @aclclubtpe留意最新訊息. #jamesthephysiosigning out