💥 Bench press wrist pain (附中文)
“Simple solution”
🗣 Dating back a couple posts, we talked about the three main reasons for having wrist pain in bench press. First is a TFCC injury, or cartilage compression injury, in the radiocarpal or midcarpal joint. Second is the wrist joint being a non-weight bearing structure itself. And third is shoulder instability
🧠 Hot packs and E-stim will only subside the pain by no means it will fix the situation. Like I always tell my patients, not having pain is inequivalent to full recovery, nor is it equivalent to lift heavy ass weights yet
👨🏻‍⚕️ Clinically, I love to teach my client this exercises to relieve pain in bench press or push-ups. Here is how to do it:
1️⃣ Fixate a band at a lower angle
2️⃣ Put the painful wrist through the band
3️⃣ Hand on the bench, band on the wrist
4️⃣ Bend the wrist out(extension) with bodyweight
5️⃣ Should feel slight joint distraction
6️⃣ Adjust the tension of the band for better outcomes
💡 This is a method been broadly practiced by physical therapists to create joint space and movement fluidity. I recommend deloading to 60-70% 1RM after the first therapy session. If it is still painful, back off from pressing movements, turn to active range of motion exercises including resisted wrist extension, pronation and supination
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💡 在臨床,遇到手腕疼痛的病人,不管是卧推還是做俯地挺身,我都會教這個運動:
1️⃣ 將彈力帶固定在一端,建議是斜下方
2️⃣ 患側手腕穿過彈力帶
3️⃣ 手腕撐在椅子上,彈力帶扣在腕關節上
4️⃣ 利用體重把手腕做出伸直動作(往外折)
5️⃣ 關節會有輕輕分離的感覺
6️⃣ 可調整彈力帶的張力以達到關節鬆動的目的
🧠 透過增加關節的空間,能暫時減緩腕關節內的壓力,讓訓練能繼續進行。如果三角軟角受傷了,建議看完第一次物理治療後需要降低訓練重量(Deload)到1RM的60-70%,避免繼續重壓關節。嚴重的個案會建議避免推舉動作的訓練,進行主動腕關節輕阻力運動,包括內旋、外旋、伸直三個方向,而不是完全休息