💥 Finger strengthening(附中文)
“ Shaolin hands for life”
📌 Manual therapy is an essential part of massage therapy and physical therapy. Apart from it, physical therapists also employ the help of exercises and modalities to treat structural pathologies.
🤲🏻 Days after days, years of manual work can take a great toll on the physicality of the elbows, hands, and fingers of massage therapists and physical therapists. Or worse it can cause significant joint deformations or ligament laxity. Many has been turning a blind eye on how important it is to strengthen their own hands, which can help all the kneading and grabbing in massage and manual therapy
💡There is definitely a need to strengthen the ‘ core muscles ‘ of our hands instead of bending the thumb to do the acupressure work. I have come across physical therapists and massage therapists who wear elbow or wrist brace to work. It would not be so persuasive if your body caregiver cannot take care of their own
Try this exercise 👆🏻👆🏻
✅ Sit on box or a bench. Grab a 5-10 lb plate
✅ Keep the fingers and thumb straight
✅ Place the 5 lb plate in the center of the palm
✅ Rotate at the wrist joint
✅ Finish 10-20 times
💯 This exercise primarily works the lumbricals for fingers and hand muscle endurance. Do 3 sets a day. Have Shaolin hands for life
💥 手指訓練
“ 延長雙手的工作壽命 “

📌 物理治療師跟按摩師的工作都有著異曲同工之處,就是徒手的部分。物理治療師藉由徒手治療、儀器治療和運動治療來改善病人的疼痛問題。而按摩師主要是透過雙手來執行軟組織的放鬆,以促進血液循環、神經傳導,達到全身性放鬆
🤲🏻 日復一日,年復一年,徒手按摩/治療的工作會增加身體的耗損,特別是手肘、手腕和手指的關節與肌肉容易會感到酸痛,嚴重一點可能還會導致關節變形。很多在這行業工作的人都會忽略了手部訓練的重要性。適當的訓練手部深層肌肉,能夠幫助在徒手治療/按摩的抓捏動作
💡 更好的比喻,是訓練手部的核心肌群,可以用來保護手肘、手腕和指間關節,降低利用指間關節彎曲來施加壓力。常常會看到有按摩師或治療師帶著護腕或護肘工作,如果你是病人/客戶,看到你的治療師/按摩師這樣,是不是也會疑惑他們難道不懂如何照顧自己的身體?這樣看起來好像不太健康
✅ 採用坐姿 選一片5-10 磅的槓片
✅ 指間關節伸直 大姆指伸直
✅ 將槓片夾在手掌中心
✅ 加上手腕的旋轉
✅ 完成10-20次
💯 這運動主要在訓練手部深層肌肉蚓狀肌,透過訓練可以增加掌指關節的穩定度與肌耐力。每天做3組,來延長雙手的工作壽命
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