💥 Anterior Pelvic Tilt(APT)(附中文)“ Why bother”-For years physicians, physical therapists and healthcare professionals were convoluted with the significance of anterior pelvic tilting, and its correlation to lower back pain. We hear here it being blamed as the main cause of pain. So we try to correct it-Can we stay in an ideal pelvic position to avoid pain. If yes, how much do we need to correct it?-In my clinical practice, I often address it as a poor kinesthetic awareness of the lumbo-pelvic movements. Instead of giving clients a false image of my pelvic bone is too forwardly tilted-As many research have shown the degree of pelvic tilting and lumbar curvature is irrelevant of lower back pain. We should start to focus on teaching general movement exercises instead of scamming the public to “how to correct APT”——————————————💥骨盆前傾“到底有多重要”-一直以來骨盆前傾都被認為是下背痛的其中一個原因。常聽到醫師、物理治療師、醫療專業人員都說「因為你的骨盆前傾 」,到底骨盆前傾是否是下背痛的主要原因?如果是,骨盆要多後傾才算正確呢?-在臨床我很少會對病人說你有骨盆有過度前傾的問題。因為這更像是一個運動知覺,或運動體感覺的問題,以及能否控制骨盆的前傾後傾位置,來減輕腰椎的壓力。但如果直接把問題放在骨盆前傾上,讓病人有一個假象認為把骨盆放在後傾,問題就能解決。這跟腳底痛說是足弓塌陷,肩膀痛就說是五十肩一樣

-許多研究顯示骨盆的前後傾角度跟腰椎的曲度(正常範圍內) 與下背痛並無關。我們該正視的問題是現代人缺乏運動,對身體的動作不了解,而不是以「調整骨盆前傾」 做噱頭,誤導大眾.💡 同意的歡迎分享 #jamesthephysiosigning out